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Water Recreation

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Rules for Pools & Spas

The purpose of the rules is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of users of recreational water facilities including pools, spas and other water-contact features.



Water Recreation Permits

Regulations require anyone operating a water recreation facility to have a current permit. Permits are good for one year, and must be renewed annually.

Those agencies and individuals who are permitted, are able to work and communicate with the Whitman County Public Health Environmental Health Division to ensure all requirements are met.

Program Application

To apply for a permit, submit an online Water Recreation Facility Operating Permit Application.

Water Recreation Facility Operating Permit Application

If wishing to complete the form by hand, download, print and email the Water Recreation Facility Operating Permit Application to EH@whitmancounty.net.

Pool Operators & Owner Resources

Pool Operator’s Manual

Order a copy of the Washington State Environmental Health Association's pool operator's manual. The manual is an excellent reference for overall pool operations and maintenance. Whitman County Public Health recommends this manual to pool owners and operators, schools, hotels, and any pools where the public is permitted. Out-of-state purchases can be made through the National Environmental Health Association.

Additional Pool Operator’s & Owner Resources and Trainings can be found below.

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